For Trading Companies
Along with business processes and accounting automation systems, Armsoft offers trading companies systems specially designed for trade processes automation.

AS-Sales Management system allows to effectively organize and manage registration of orders, sales and delivery processes in trading organizations.
AS-B2B Online Orders enables buyers and suppliers to perform processes of placing and accepting orders in modern and much more convenient environment.
AS-Trade 7 system provides complete automation of trading organizations’ processes and streamlines management.
AS-MarketPlace is designed for small markets’ business automation.

Each of these systems excellently solves the problems for which it is designed. Armsoft offers systems not only as individual solutions. If the organization uses more than one system they can be implemented in integrated version which multiplies the effectiveness of each system, allows receiving full solution of automation of company processes, provide additional possibilities and comfort of work.
For instance, users can see customer’s real time financial data that is stored in accounting system in CRM system. The integration of Internet Banking systems enables to export transfers from accounting systems to bank and import entries from the bank and register them. All these additional possibilities significantly increase work efficiency and save time at work.
  • AS-Sales Management 7
  • AS-B2B Online Orders
  • AS-Trade 7
  • AS-Marketplace