Buyer-Supplier Relationships

There are several problems that often occur in buyer-supplier relationships – untimely visits of supplier’s agent to buyer, delayed or wrong shipments, lose of information about supplier’s special offers, etc. b2b.armsoft portal automates buyer-supplier relationships and makes them more structured and controlled. Buyers can assign products the minimal quantities they want to have in stock in their AS systems. They can see the products that have reached the minimal quantity or are close to it in a special report. They can edit the product list if necessary and create package of Orders for all the selected products. The products can belong to different suppliers. Nevertheless, the systems can identify the suppliers thanks to integration with b2b.armsoft and create individual Orders for each supplier containing the products that belong to them. Buyers who do not have AS systems can create and send Orders via patver.armsoft.am web site. Suppliers can automatically import the orders into their systems, as the documents contain their product-codes.

B2B patver