Electronic Data Interchange
b2b.armsoft platform enables to automatically create and exchange a number of electronic documents. This excludes possible errors in creating and importing documents, reduces costs, enhances business-processes. You can exchange documents both between the systems and via Web. b2b.armsoft platform enables to create and exchange the following documents.


Buyers can create a package of Orders for selected products in their AS systems or in patver.armsoft.am web site. The products can belong to different suppliers. Nevertheless, the systems can identify the suppliers thanks to integration with b2b.armsoft and create individual Orders for each supplier containing the products that belong to them. Suppliers can automatically import the orders into their systems, as the documents contain their product-codes.

Proforma Invoices

Users can create proforma invoices in their AS systems, send them to partners and follow their statuses. On base of proforma invoices they can create invoices and on base of proforma invoices that had been paid for - also cash receipts and bank deposits. Buyers can create money transfer documents based on received proforma invoices.


Buyers have problems with automatic import of received products into their systems. This is because buyers and suppliers may use different codes to denote the same products in their systems. It is impossible to identify the products by the names either, as they can be edited frequently. b2b.armsoft platform offers an excellent solution to this problem. Invoice document has a unified format now in all AS systems. Unlike the Invoices , for example, sent via eInvoicing, Invoices created in AS systems include some additional important data necessary for managing internal business-processes – product codes, information about discounts if they were applied, etc. . An additional feature has been added to the systems, which enables to send Invoices to partners with just one click. Thanks to the new format of Invoices and Unified product-lists, the products can now be identified by AS systems of the parties that receive Invoices and so the Invoices can be automatically imported into their systems.

Reconciliation statement

You can create reconciliation statements in your AS systems to check balances with your partners. Statements include opening and closing balances for the given period and transactions made during the period. The statement is being sent to the partner, who will check the data and either confirm the statement or, if finding any differences with their own data will inform the sender.

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