Banks and UCOs

Armenian Software offers full automation of business processes, accounting, customer relationship management and data exchange to the banks, credit organizations, investment companies and payment service organizations.

AS-Bank system is a complex solution for automation of company business processes, accounting and reporting.
AS-Internet-Bank and AS-ClientBank systems enable providing customer service through internet effectively anytime and anywhere, without opening additional branches and expanding the staff.
AS-Enterprise system is a complex solution for automation of company accounting and several processes related to it.
AS-Accountant 7 system provides the effective automation of all accounting sections for small and medium-sized companies.
CRM system provides 360 degree view of the customer, manages entire customer lifecycle, from marketing to sales and service.
Corporate Information systems are the main part of IT infrastructure that include information centers, data storages, connection systems, etc. They allow organizing effectively data storage and, if necessary, restoration, information transfer between both employees and partners outside the organization.

Each of these systems excellently solves the problems for which it is designed. Armenian Software offers systems not only as individual solutions. If the organization uses more than one system they can be implemented in integrated version which multiplies the effectiveness of each system, allows receiving full solution of automation of company processes, provide additional possibilities and comfort of work.
For instance, the integration of Bank system, Internet Banking and accounting systems enables to export transfers from accounting systems to bank and import entries from the bank and register them. Users can see customer’s real time financial data in CRM system that is stored in accounting system, electronic and paper correspondence. All these additional possibilities increase work efficiency to great extent and save time at work.

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