Courses for programmers
Armenian Software, together with OMD , organizes free courses for computer science students.


We think that Computer Science graduate students do not receive the appropriate knowledge in programming. As a result students have difficulties in finding jobs and companies have to run time-consuming courses even for high-performing students.
The goal of these courses is to give an opportunity to high-performing students to study programming courses of bachelor program in proper amount and quality. For that purpose we:
  • Have studied thoroughly course programs of most authoritative universities when making curriculums of our own courses
  • Have invited leading experts of companies and best university lecturers.


Students who are completing the first year of bachelor (and higher) can apply. The classes will start in September, will be held 4 times a week, from 15:00 to 18:00.
The duration is one year.
The classes will be intensive: we expect the participants to attend all the classes and complete the homework assignments.

The exam questions are on programming and mathematics. Have a look at a sample from last year.

Submission for 2018 will begin in April.

List of subjects

For more information, please feel free to call +374 (60) 69 09 00 or e-mail us