MS Exchange
E-mail is one of the most common means of communication. There are many open sources but they are meant for personal use. They have certain inconveniences and shortcomings when using for corporate purposes. For example
  • Low level of privacy and security
  • Limited choice of e-mail address
  • Absence of company name in the e-mail address
  • Absence of technical support
It is recommended for companies to have corporate e-mail system in order to avoid the above mentioned problems. It is protected e-mail system which is under direct control of the company.
Armenian Software presents corporate e-mail system based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 software.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010:Benefits

  • Similar e-mail addresses for all the employees of the company
  • Centralized management of meetings and tasks
  • Antivirus and anti-spam protection
  • Internet availability from any part of the world and from mobile phones
  • Close integration with company full infrastructure.

By implementing Microsoft Exchange 2010 e-mail system the company

  • Increases work productivity
  • Increases management
  • Increases information security