AS-B2B Online Orders

AS-B2B Online Orders is a web-site developed by Armsoft that provides suppliers and buyers with direct interconnection and higher work efficiency.

Due to AS-B2B Online Orders the suppliers need no more to send their trade agents (managers) to buyers. The buyers place their orders in AS-B2B Online Orders and the suppliers receive them immediately.

To register in AS-B2B Online Orders, visit web-site and fill in required information. The portal is free for buyers. Registration of suppliers shall be confirmed by Armsoft.


For buyers

  • Directories
    • View products offered by suppliers with detailed description and common prices.
    • Get informed immediately about new products and special deals by ads placed in the web-site.
  • Suppliers
  • The buyer can contact not only the suppliers they already work with. They can see also all the other suppliers registered in AS-B2B Online Orders, their products, prices, ads and can contact them if interested.
  • Orders
  • The buyer places their orders in most convenient time, for example in the evening after closing the shop instead of having to do it whenever suppliers agent visits them. The buyer can track shipment of the orders having immediate access to changes in orders’ stages. Create recurring orders in just a few seconds by copying previous orders.
  • Reports
  • Buyer can track previous interactions with suppliers - purchases, payments, returns and have a complete view of business state.

For suppliers

  • Directories
  • The suppliers can Introduce detailed description of goods on sale, pictures and common prices.
  • Buyers
  • The supplier can contact not only the buyers they already work with. They can contact also all the other buyers registered in AS-B2B Online Orders.
  • Orders
  • The supplier can view the orders received from buyers and do their further processing in AS-Sales Management system.
    The supplier does not need to visit buyers any more to collect orders thus excessive transportation and work expenses are reduced.
  • Ads
  • The suppliers can post ads in AS-B2B Online Orders for targeted buyers to inform them about new products and special deals.

Additional Features

Business insight

All the data necessary for mutual statements are accessible in the system. This frees both buyers and suppliers from time-consuming works of debts and credits calculations.

Data security

No data about business transactions is kept in AS-B2B Online Orders. All the queries for information from buyers are sent to supplier’s AS-Sales Management system. Required data is then shown to buyers in AS-B2B Online Orders portal. The portal ensures complete data confidentality and security.

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