Corporate Information systems
IT infrastructure is a unit of interrelated systems and services which provides work and development of data exchange of the organization. It is an important part of any organization.
It is necessary to have many qualified specialists as well as vast experience in organizing IT infrastructure in order to build reliable, high efficient and expansible IT infrastructure meeting organization business requirements. For that reason many organizations acquire IT infrastructure ready solutions from specialized organizations instead of trying to create them on their own.
Corporate Information systems are the main part of IT infrastructure that include information centers, data stores, connection systems, etc. Armenian Software offers the following Corporate Information systems solutions.

Unified communications based on Microsoft Lync 2010 system. Microsoft Lync is а software solution that unites main means of communication in separate interface, including instant conversations, conferences and corporate telephone network. It provides common contact list, information about users’ presence and availability.

Corporate e-mail based on Microsoft Exchange 2010. Microsoft Exchange is protected e-mail system which is under direct control of organization.

Data backup centralized system based on Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 system. Microsoft System Center DPM is centralized, automatic and reliable system of data backup and restoration. It has unique approach for Microsoft systems backup (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Hyper-V):