Accounting and business processes
Large enterprises having complex business processes, management and planning issues and the need to have complete and deep analytical data anytime for making smart decisions, must have powerful automation system. AS-Enterprise system is comprehensive solution for deep automation of large enterprises accounting and related areas.
Except for full automation of accountingAS-Enterprise system enables
  • To automate contract management
  • To control buyers and suppliers orders
  • To do financial supervision and planning
  • To automate human resources management
  • To conduct multi branch accounting
  • Provides high performance in case of big data
More about AS-Enterprise system

Armenian Software offers AS-Accountant 7 system to large enterprises having simple accounting and not having automation requirements of these business processes.It is significantly cheaper than AS-Enterprise system; does not require extensive implementation and is more easy to use. Parallel to business requirements growth the organization can switch to more powerful AS-Enterprise system.
More about AS-Accountant 7 system
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