Armenian Software offers not only major business processes to banks, credit organizations and investment companies but also accounting automation via AS-Enterprise and AS-Accountant 7 systems.
Many banks and credit organizations conduct accounting of payroll, human resources, fixed assets and tangible assets with ArmSoft accounting systems.These systems are tightly integrated with AS-Bank system. It automatically transfers registered transactions in accounting system, including wage calculation, vacation pay calculation, allowance calculation, depreciation of fixed assets, revaluation, sales, etc. to AS-Bank system.
Financial organizations have several features of accounting and the most important one is daily balance formation which requires daily wage calculation, formation of vacation pay contingency fund and daily calculation of depreciation of fixed assets. AS-Enterprise system is excellently adapted to solve these problems.
AS-Enterprise and AS-Accountant 7 systems integration with AS-Bank systems gives significant additional comfort to the banks using AS-Bank system.
However, AS-Enterprise and AS-Accountant 7 systems are operating with great success in the banks that use other banking systems.

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