Implementation and Support

Every organization needs to answer certain questions before acquiring or operating large banking system. To what extent is it possible to adapt the system to the specific requirements and current and planned operations of the organization? Is it possible to improve company work processes via system? What must be done regarding the implementation and in what sequence? What resources will be needed in each phase of implementation? Which dates of implementation are realistic? How to orientate in the list of wide-raging capabilities of the system?
In order to provide the customers with the answers to these questions Armenian Software does a detailed research and analytical works before system acquisition and implementation. For that reason our customers do not have to overcome implementing difficulties on their own. Our specialists actively participate in the whole process of implementation. Clients receive solutions based on Armenian Software best practices.
Firstly, after starting the implementation comprehensive study is carried out and the following questions are clarified:

  • The structure of bank or credit organization, distribution of work and job responsibilities among the departments.
  • Services that client provides and their accounting procedure. This research is carried out for each subdivision separately. The main purpose is to find out whether it is possible to provide the accounting of current operations via available software capabilities.
  • Internal reports of the company and ways of receiving them are studied.
  • Necessary revisions requirements found during studies mentioned in the 2nd and 3rd sections are gathered and their fulfillment possibilities and dates are studied.
  • Technical means of the client are studied (network, servers…) and weather it is possible to operate AS-Bank system on them.

The next step is to create the implementation plan and concur it with the client, afterwards people responsible for implementation are appointed both by Armenian Software and the client.
The plan involves the following works:
  • Provision of necessary technical means by the client
  • Installation of AS-Bank system with demo database
  • Transfer of available data to AS-Bank system
  • Programming of accumulated issues
  • Training of employees
  • Transition to AS-Bank system

Implementation process is regularly summed up during meetings between client management and people responsible for implementation.

After implementation the customer support phase begins.
Customer support assumes ongoing consultation regarding the system operation and system conformity with the applicable legislation. Besides, software revision suggestions presented by the client are studied and carried out if possible. Support is regulated by the person in charge. People responsible for AS-Bank system support are appointed by both the client and Armenian Software. The client can receive support on system operation via call or remote support or specialists’ visits. Customer service internet portal is also at clients’ disposal. Through portal the client can register further suggestions related to program improvements and track their fulfillment. Knowledge base is also available here which will help the client’s employees to find answers to frequent problems and questions.

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