AS-ClientBank system is a system of banking services. It gives an opportunity to control your bank accounts with 24/7 service from your work anytime. Instead of visiting bank or waiting in queues you save your time and money. The system is designed for organizations and provides:
  • Wide range of banking services
  • High level of technology security due to implemented innovative technology
  • Integration with AS accounting systems
  • Network version
  • Administration system

AS-Client bank enables to:

  • Receive information
    • Current bank account balance and statements for any period
    • Exchange rates set by the bank or the CBA
    • History of actions (document history)
  • Conduct transactions
    • Transfers in the territory of Armenia (group) and outside Armenia
    • Exchange rates
  • Send cash withdrawal requests
  • Receive information from the bank about received transfers
  • Send and receive free format messages with attached files (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Import and export data in .xml format

Administrative capabilities

  • Create and manage customer users (edit, delete,set reporting period, etc.)
  • Set permissions for users
  • Create and manage archives, database backups
  • AS-InternetBank Description
  • AS-InternetBank User Manual
  • AS-ClientBank Description

Demo (3.9.0)