AS-Accountant 7
Using a system that is too complex, instead of solving the problems it is meant to, may itself become a problem for the company. Midsized and small enterprises often have wide range of accounting problems, the same as large enterprises but they have restricted resources.
We considered this characteristic when developing AS-Accountant 7 system which is designed for accounting automation of midsized and small enterprises. We have thoroughly chosen system functionality, tools that facilitate the work were included and support service was developed very carefully. The result is that AS-Accountant 7 provides automation of all accounting directions; at the same time big savings of workforce,time,technical resources and cash assets.

You can watch the training videos to get a better insight of AS-Accountant 7 system features.Watch

AS-Accountant 7 main Features

The best price/quality ratio

AS-Accountant 7 price is the lowest in the market in comparison with system functionality, reporting capacity and provided comprehensive support service.

Modern, beautiful and comfortable interface

  • System interface is built in familiar and comfortable MS Office style. It enables the users to start easily the work with the system and avoid inconvenience and time spent on learning the new working environment.
  • The system works in Unicode which makes it possible to work with data inputted in any language.
  • Various verifications done during the input ensure data integrity and accuracy.

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