Armenian Software offers not only separate systems to organizations for solving certain problems but also joint implementation of several systems that allows receiving full automation of company business processes.
Joint implementation of different systems enables

  • To see in one window and work with the data stored in different systems
  • To transfer data fluently from one system to another
  • To avoid multiple entries of the same data or registering transactions in several systems.
  • To have data centralized in one place, ordered, always up-to-date and available to all employees who have permission to work with them.
All these capabilities provide comfort in work, time saving and exclusion of errors.

The integration of AS-Bank and AS-enterprise/AS-Accountant 7/AS-Bookkeeper systems via AS-Internet-Bank and AS-ClientBank systems won the Best Business-to-business Solution award in Tbilisi Cyber Security and ICT Innovation Conference GITI in 2011.