Internet Banking
Internet banking is online service technology which allows bank customers via internet control their accounts and use other bank services without visiting the bank- anywhere,anytime.
Internet banking systems are widely spread in the world. In Armenia internet banking systems are developed by Armenian Software and they are now implemented in 10 banks and are used by more than 20000 individuals and organizations. These systems are developed based on modern technologies and platforms and provide high level of security for customers. AS-Internet Bank systems are integrated with the most widespread AS accounting systems in Armenia which basically facilitates customer work and allows them to use the system capabilities at most.


AS-InternetBank system gives an opportunity to implement bank transactions with 24/7 service via internet browser- anytime, anywhere. You avoid queues in the bank as well as the need to install software for customers and to follow their updates.
The system provides wide range of banking services and is designed for both organizations and individuals. Services offered by the bank are also available via mobile phones.
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AS-ClientBank is a system for bank accounts remote management. Customers can easily create and send many documents to the bank from their own workplace.
The system is designed for organizations and allows working simultaneously with several banks.
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