Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Armsoft is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status can get companies that have the highest level of Microsoft technologies knowledge and experience and a certain number of Microsoft certified specialists. Armsoft has more than 110 Microsoft Certified Specialists and 420 Certificates.

Cooperation with Microsoft provides certain advantages to ArmSoft and its customers:

Support from Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft supports closely its partners for offering comprehensive and large-scale solutions to its clients
  • Armenian Software receives licensed versions of all Microsoft systems for company use, software development, training and studies carried out by system administrators department.
  • The use of licensed systems allows us to provide high quality of software, avoiding errors that are typical to unlicensed software.
  • Armenian Software receives all beta versions of Microsoft new products which gives us opportunity to introduce to new systems beforehand, start the development of own systems on new platforms, even before they officially enter the market.
  • Armenian Software receives many Microsoft official materials, books, articles and systems descriptions. That gives an opportunity to raise significantly the level of competence and awareness of Microsoft technologies and systems.
  • Microsoft support center provides its partners with 24x7 support. Armenian Software employees have an opportunity to apply directly to Microsoft with issues concerning Microsoft systems and technologies.
  • MCP partners have a chance to cooperate with other certified partners in order to carry out leading solutions.

System administration
Armenian Software has a group of Microsoft certified administrators. They know how best install, set up, administer the networks, servers, computers, how to provide information security, etc. The knowledge of certified specialist and Microsoft comprehensive support give Armenian software an opportunity to provide customers with high quality technical consultation and support.

Licensing of organizations
As Microsoft partner Armenian Software is also the distributor of Microsoft systems in Armenian Market and implements Microsoft software licensing of big enterprises.

Microsoft Partner Microsoft Partner
  • AS-Bank Customers
  • AS-Enterprise Customers
  • AS-Accountant Customers
  • AS-Sales Management 7 Customers
  • AS-Trade Customers
  • CRM Customers
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