AS-Enterprise system is complex automation program of large enterprises accounting and business processes. Initially, AS-Accounting 4.0 system was designed for deep automation of accounting and later on has developed into enterprise resource planning (ERP) AS-Enterprise system.It enables users to control human resources, production, trade, internal and suppliers’orders, conduct multi-branch accounting, etc.
Economic operations registered in different modules of the system are automatically reflected in accounting and provide the receipts of various analytical reports.
Financial accounting in AS-Enterprise system is carried out according to international standards.The system is being constantly updated, corresponds to legislative changes,functionality is increased and time to time new modules are added.
The system solves specific demands of companies, gives flexibility to make changes in software and fully integrates with other systems.
The system has high performance in case of big databases and provides correlated work of different departments and accelerates business processes. It gives an opportunity not only to see separate registered documents but also full connection of documents created in the action chain.
The system is implemented by our qualified specialists and further service guarantees you system operation efficiency and stability.

AS-Enterprise system can be used by organizations that can be considered to be medium sized by volume of transactions or number of employees but have specific accounting problems or other requirements, for example for automating complex production processes.
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