AS Training Center
Armenian Software Training center was founded in 2007. It has two main directions:
  • AS systems courses for system users and students
  • Programming courses

In order to use the systems at most companies need qualified specialists who are able to apply the whole functionality of the system and use reporting opportunities completely. The main aim of AS systems courses is to prepare such competent specialists. Training Center is the direct subdivision of Armenian Software which organizes learning processes effectively with the help and support of the best specialists in accounting, legislation, business-process management and technical sphere.

AS courses run not only for systems users. Training Center has a special curriculum for high-achieving students of economic faculties. It is free of charge and the purpose is to inform the latters about financial process automation and tools, share our experience with them and help them to become demanded specialists. All interested candidates are interviewed. The best of them are invited to take courses, having opportunity to work with AS Enterprise system, be introduced to AS Bank system and master AS-Accountant system completely .
AS Training Center offers free courses for Computer Science faculty students. Students are selected on the basis of cumulative GPA.

The course objectives are to provide students with professional knowledge and introduce them with innovative technologies of the field.
Courses are mainly delivered by ArmSoft leading specialists and programming group managers. During their everyday work all the lecturers constantly practice the technologies they teach.
Certain courses are presented by qualified professionals invited from universities and other companies.

  • AS-Accountant Course Structure
  • AS-Enterprise Course Structure