AS-Enterprise system is financial management system for large and medium-sized companies which is already implemented in hundreds of enterprises.
The system increases operations control and enables the organization to make smart decisions which have direct impact on profit growth, improving cash flow, financial risks management.
The system is being constantly updated. It also corresponds to legislative changes, functionality is being enhanced and from time to time new modules are added.

AS-Enterprise system functional structure


  • General ledger
  • Bank/Cash-desk
  • Debitors/Creditors
  • Contracts

Fixed assets

  • Fixed assets
  • Fixed assets under construction

Inventory holdings

  • Warehouse
  • Short-life items
  • Material values on deposit
  • Wholesale trade
  • Retail trade

Vehicle Management

Product cost


  • Internal orders
  • Procurement


Human Resources

AS-Enterprise system capabilities

Flexible software platform

The system is built on business process management AS-4X technological kernel. It allows to describe new processes in the system and change the existing ones. Organizations can do their own software development independently which will be fully integrated with AS-Enterprise system as well as integrate it effectively with other systems.


The gateway enables to integrate AS-Enterprise with software development of other producers. It is possible to create accounting or informative data records through gateway directly in AS-Enterprise databases and avoid intermediate import and export of data from other systems.

Multi-branch accounting

In multi-branch version of the system branches can work in united data system. Due to that head office has data of branches and controls their work in real time.

Permission management and control

It is possible to set individual permissions for each user. Users have access only to necessary data. Administrative tools enable the flexible management of access to system functions. All history of work with documents is registered and saved in the system which controls the user work.

Reports and Analysis

There are hundreds of standard reports in AS-Enterprise system. Besides, the system allows receiving different analytical reports through OLAP formulas in Excel.It is possible to modify standard reports of the system, define specific reports and integrate them with MS Excel via another powerful tool-report-generator.


The system can work on just several work-stations, as well as on large working groups and organizations. Parallel development of business processes, data transfer and storage without reducing general capacity is carried out.

Integration with AS-ClientBank and AS-InternetBank systems

AS-Enterprise system is mutually integrated with AS-ClientBank and AS-InternetBank systems.It can also be integrated with internet banking systems of other banks.

Integration with e-Invoicing and report submission E-Systems

Invoices are exported from AS-Enterprise system to e-Invoicing system and the invoices received from suppliers are imported from it.System provides the reports in formats required by report submission e-system.

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel, Open Office.

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office. There is also an opportunity to describe unique print previews.

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