AS-Sales Management 7
AS-Sales Management 7 is designed for automating effective organization and management of registration of orders and delivery processes of commercial organizations.
System enhances monitoring of company processes and enables to make the smart decisions based on analytical data that will directly impact on sales volume, profit growth and improving cash flow.
System is being regularly updated. It is being changed to comply with customers’ demands and its functionality constantly increases.

AS- Sales Management 7 - functional structure

Back office

  • Forming directories
    For organizing working process in the system it is necessary to form directories about sales agents, customers, point of sales and products. Employees taking sales orders, registering sales, payments and returns via Android mobile devices are registered as sales agents. Products catalogue is created with the necessary data about the products, for example, product is free from VAT, and it is new in pricelist or is a container. It is possible to attach pictures to products wich enables sales agents to make presentations with virtual catalogue. It is possible to organize sales according to sales areas based on location of points of sales or types of products.
  • Routes
    It is possible to create routes for each sales agent or sales area in back office; moreover standard routes can be created for each sales agent with frequency of days of the week or weeks. It is possible to effectively plan and monitor agents’ work by comparing the planned routes with data about actual routes received from system mobile part.
  • Pricing
    System has flexible capabilities for forming pricelists. Pricelists are created for products and customers,discount schemes of the company are set.
  • Stock-taking
    For effective organization of delivery process it is essential to have complete information about products availability and input/output. Thanks to product availability data in the system, sales agents have view products current availability when registering orders. The products that are being marked as provided to a certain deliveryman will appear as available in his car on the mobile device. Reports provide data about products balances, transactions and turnover and allow to perform analysis.
  • Sales
    System enables to organize and monitor the whole cycle of sales, starting from accepting orders, registration of sales and returns to tracking customers’ payments.
    Multidisciplinary reports about customers’ balances, comparative report according to products, agents, point of sales for any period, reports according deliverymen, products on deposits as well as other reports about customers and products enable to perform multilateral analysis.
  • Accepting data
    Online data transfers from mobile devices enable to acquire and process data about registered orders, sales, payments and returns at any time in the office.

Mobile part

  • Directories
    Directory data is received from back office and cannot be edited on mobile devices. It is possible to set permissions for accessible data for each agent.
  • Routes
    Each sales agent can organize his work according to his planned routes. Location of points of sales is fixed via GPS (global positioning system) and it is possible to observe the route on the map.
  • Orders
    When registering orders sales agent can see his preferred products which make work easier. When registering orders it is possible to mark delivery dates of ordered products, payment type (cash or non-cash) and the result of visit to that particular point of sale (for example, ordered, closed, no order, etc.)
  • Sales
    During order registration deliverymen can see products availability in the car. If the product being sold is in container, the container is also automatically written-off while registering the document. The document enables to register data about products on deposit. For each selected product there is an opportunity to edit discount percentage and ordered quantity after sales registration.
  • Payments
    When accepting payments if the point of sale has debts, it is possible to meet any of the debts. If payment sum exceeds debt sum, the difference is registered as prepayment.
  • Returns
    It is possible to register products return from customers, including products on deposit.
  • Inventory
    It is possible to make inventory of products in the markets using bar code scanners. The system also has the feature of inventory taking of copetitors’ products which enables to make analyses for effective product merchandising.
  • Reports
    Various reports about customers’ debts, ordered, sold, returned products, products on deposit, available products in the car provide sales agents with all the necessary information for work, also enable them to deeply analyze their work.
  • Data
    Online data exchange with back office enables all the participants of sales process to have quick access to necessary data. It is also possible to organize automate data delivery to backoffice.

AS-Sales Management 7 system capabilities


It is possible to set permissions for each sales agent and back office employee. Users have access only to necessary data. The history of documents is registered in the system which enables to monitor users’ work. It is possible to monitor agents’ actual and planned visits via GPS.

Reports and Analysis

There are many built-in reports in AS-Sales Management 7 system. Besides,system enables to receive diverse analytical reports through OLAP formulas in Excel. It is possible to change system standard reports via another powerful tool-reports generator,form unique reports as well as integrate them with MS Excel.

Online data exchange

Due to online data exchange between back office and mobile part each participant of supply chain has up-to-date information that is necessary for him.

Integration with e-invoicing and AS accounting systems

Invoices are exported from AS-Sales Management 7 system to e-Invoicing system and the invoices received from suppliers are imported from it. System can be integrated with AS-Enterprise, AS-Accountant 7 and AS-Trade 7 systems which give comfort in work, time saving and exclusion of errors.

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office. There is also an opportunity to form unique print previews.

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