AS-Trade 7

Correctly chosen trade automation system will help to fulfill customers’ needs in the best way, reduce errors in work and time spent on organizing trade processes and will become a reliable mean of business success.

AS-Trade 7 system was designed specially for midsized and small trading companies.

The systems enables to manage all the main processes of companies engaged in retail and wholesale trade and warehouse operations.

Retail sales - quick customer service, application of barcode scanners, accepting cash and non-cash payments, application of discount and bonus cards, change calculation, printing receipts, integration with new generation cash control machines.

Wholesales - sales of goods from different warehouses, sales of services, application of different price lists and discount schemes, accepting returns of goods from customers, exporting invoices and way-bills to e-Invoicing system, settlements with customers.

Purchases - purchases of goods from suppliers, import of goods from abroad, tracking overhead expenses related to acquisition, return of goods to suppliers, settlements with suppliers.

Warehouses – tracking goods receipts, issues, movements and inventory, monitoring minimum stock levels, printing barcode price tags, assembling and disassembling kits.

Monetary means – recording cash and non-cash flow in any currency, printing payment, cash-in and cash-out orders, export of payment orders to internet banking system and import of receipts from internet banking system.

Reports – sum and quantity balances and turnover of goods, sales analyses, goods and partners ABC analysis, best-selling goods, managers’ diagrams, debts and credits, cash flow.

Along with wide functionality the systems meets two important requirements of trading systems -: it is fast and reliable. The system is easy to implement and use due to simple and intuitively conceivable structure. The technical requirements of the system are not high, which means that the company usually does not need to acquire additional hardware or software to run the system.

You can watch the training videos to get a better insight of AS-Trade 7 system features.Watch

Main features of AS-Trade 7 system

The best price/quality ratio

AS-Trade 7 price is the lowest in the market in comparison with system functionality, reporting capacity and provided comprehensive support service.

Integration with trading devices

Integration with trading devices enables to easily manage trade processes and ensures accuracy of inputted data. AS-Trade 7 system is integrated with the following devices:

  • new generation cash control machines
  • barcode scanners
  • magnetic card readers
  • price tag printers
  • receipt printers
  • electronic scales
  • physical inventory scanners

Integration with b2b.armsoft platform

AS-Trade 7 system is integrated with b2b.armsoft platform, which involves a complex of informative tools, enables to exchange documents thus automating important business processes. It excludes errors made while preparing or importing documents, reduces costs, speeds up processes.

Powerful and flexible reporting system

  • The tools of data filtration, grouping, adding subtotals, and column selection enable the users to easily receive any data from the system.
  • Integration with Excel: the new feature of system adds formulas to Excel which allow retrieving data from AS-Trade 7. By using Excel wide accounting and analytical capabilities you can receive practically any report.
  • Numerous built-in reports which provide deep insight into business and enable making competent decisions.
  • The graph chart of the main indicators of business efficiency in one window.

Simple installation and use

System installation and running are very simple and do not require the presence of technical specialist or users’ deep training. System technical requirements are not high; therefore, the organization does not usually need to acquire additional hardware or software for system operation.

Comprehensive support service

The experience gained during many years of work with the customers allow us to develop different ways of support and make sure that each customer receives the most convenient service for him.

  • Trainings in fully-equipped AS training center
  • AS qualified specialists in call center
  • Remote support via internet by connecting directly to client’s computer
  • Seminars, presentations of new versions
  • Articles being regularly added to knowledge base of AS customer support portal
  • System implementation and consultation by partners

Constantly updated system

New versions of AS-Trade 7 are regularly released. New features are added to new versions to make users’ work even more productive. The latest version can be downloaded and installed with just one click. Seminars are organized and changes in new versions of AS-Trade 7 are presented.

Manage unlimited number of companies with AS-Trade 7 system

You can manage unlimited number of companies in both AS-Trade 7 system network or one workplace version.

Integration with MS Word, MS Excel and Open Office

Data can be exported from the system to MS Word, MS Excel and with some restrictions to Open Office.

New features for quick data input

The new means of data import and export included in the system allow saving time spent on data input

  • Import of information and documents from MS Excel
  • Export and import of all data via XML files.
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