AS Accountant 7
AS-Accountant 7 System is designed for automatization of accounting processes in small and medium-sized enterprises. It is the most widespread accounting system in Armenia and is used by more than 8000 organizations. As a reason this course is highly demanded among accountants-both experienced and novice.
One-month course is designed with regard to enable the participants to do system implementations simultaneously at their workplaces, revise the previous material, prepare questions and get clarifications. The course also includes learning to work with AS-Internet-Bank system.

Course Description

This course is based on practical works in AS systems. Each participant has his own desk and personal computer which allows them to work independently. One of the participants’ computers is connected to the projector. Parallel to work all participants have a chance to follow the processes under the direct supervision of the lecturer.
During the course the tasks are being regularly checked. In case of errors the lecturer comments and corrects them. The participants are free to ask questions when doing tasks.
In the beginning of each class they revise previous materials. They do tasks independently in the system which allows them to repeat and enhance the previous material. In case of having difficulties doing tasks the lecturer summerises related materials it.


Courses are delivered by specialists of accounting automatization who have both teaching and extensive practical experience working with systems and their implementations. Proficiency of lecturers grant provide high-quality and effective teaching.

Teaching methods

Group Classes

Regular groups are recruited for classes. The course has a standard program which is designed specially for group courses. This method stands out for optimal quality/price correlation.
  • The group consists of 12-15 participants
  • The course has a planned schedule
  • Special teaching method is designed
  • Training includes practical work, actual tasks carried out under the supervision of a lecturer and individual work.
  • Opportunity to share experience among participants
  • Lecturer’s assistance as required

Corporate Classes

In recent years corporate classes are highly demanded. These types of courses have been carried out for the employees of the following spheres: health care, water management, gas supply, budgetary, academic institutions.
  • Participants are employees of the same field (at least 6 people)
  • Course syllabus is designed with regard to the peculiarities of that field
  • Opportunity to discuss professional solutions, suggestions and questions concerning the activity of the given field

Crash Course

  • The group consists of 6-8 participants
  • Trainings are held every day
  • Each class lasts 4-5 hours


Courses are held either in the morning, afternoon, evening or intensively
  • Morning Course
  • Afternoon Course
  • Evening Course
  • 10:00-12:00
  • 12:30-14:30
  • 15:30-17:30
  • 18:00-20:00

Required knowledge - Participants should have basic accounting and computer skills
Handbooks – Participants are provided with handbooks and demo version of the system.
Certificate - Participants are awarded certificates in case of regular attendance.
Duration - 12 classes, 24 hours
Price - 30000 AMD
  • AS-Accountant Course Structure
  • AS-Enterprise Course Structure