Information Services
b2b.armsoft platform offers a number of information services, which ensure timely access to accurate data, reduce and simplify work.

Directory of Armenia’s companies

Data of more 205,000 Armenian companies is available in b2b.armsoft platform. This gives another significant advantage to users of AS systems. While filling in partner’s data into the system, it is enough to enter just company name or TIN and you will get the rest of data from b2b.armsoft platform. This eliminates possible errors in data and frees from time-consuming work of entering and checking the data.

Map of companies

Currently Armsoft collects and maps data of buyers (shops, companies) of Armenia. Data of more than 13,000 companies has been collected already. This directory contains information not only about companies in general, but also about each branch, their location, occupied space, activity field etc. This directory is a very convenient tool for companies that deal with collecting orders and logistics. You can view the buyers and their data directly on the map in b2b.armsoft platform.

Suppliers’ product-lists

Suppliers can publish their product-lists in b2b.armsoft platform. Buyers can view products offered by each supplier as well as download product lists and import them into their AS systems.

CEA classifier

You can automatically download CEA (Classifier of Economic Activity) from b2b.armsoft platform and sign them to products.

FEA CN classifier

You can automatically download FEA CN (Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity) classifier from b2b.armsoft platform and sign them to products.

Calendar of RA Holidays and Memorial days

The service provides information about holidays, memorial days and non-working days of RA. Working days and hours used for payroll calculation in AS systems, can be updated based on this calendar.

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