In company IT infrastructure any system data is the valuable part of that system as well as the company. Data loss is unacceptable and in some cases harms the company.
There is always a chance of data loss no matter how reliable equipment and software are. It is possible to reduce data loss possibility when using reliable technical means but it cannot be excluded. You cannot protect the system from human mistakes. In order to avoid data loss the company must have automatic system of center data protection and recovery.
Armenian Software presents centralized system of data protection and recovery based on Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010.

Microsoft DPM 2010: Benefits

  • Management of centralized data backup and recovery
  • Automation of data protection
  • Data backup from users’ computers
  • Monitoring of data protection and automation of notifications
  • Automatic transfer of backup copies outside of the company
  • Backup unique approach for Microsoft system (SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint, Hyper-V)

By implementing Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 the company receives:

  • Reliable data protection and exclusion of data loss
  • Reduction of failure recovery duration
  • Increase of management of data storage protection