Contract with PE Araik Mkhitaryan

   Armsoft and PE Araik Mkhitaryan signed a contract of AS-Sales Management 6 system implementation in July 2017.

   PE Araik Mkhitaryan was founded in 2009. It is engaged in retail and wholesale trade of cigarettes in Lori Province.

   AS-Sales Management 6 system enables to focus on company key customers, analyze all sales, estimate customers’ future demands and plan activities accordingly.

   The system will enable PE Araik Mkhitaryan to do:

  • Development of sales agent daily routes according to shops
  • Registration of orders from shops and their online transfer to the office
  • Organization and documentation of sales, delivery and payments
  • Flexible capabilities of forming discount schemes according to the types of products, shops and pricelists
  • Supervision of customers’ debts and their permissible limits
  • Mutual data exchange with the office
  • Receiving analytical reports according to shops, registration and fulfillment of orders, visits, sales and deliveries
  • Supervision of agents’ actual and planned visits on the map via GPS


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